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BILINGUAL. English, Spanish, German, French, Hindi, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Arabic and
Kariboo is small child who lives in an orphanage. Her greatest dream is to have her own family but fear and worry make her lose hope. Kariboo is based on her author's personal experience when adopting her youngest child. Understanding that the child would interpret being left behind in the orphanage after having met as being abandoned once more, and not being allowed to bring her with her, Jessica J. Lockhart wrote a first draft of Kariboo then and there. She then asked the caregivers to read the story to her child every day in the hope that she would understand that she wasn't being abandoned. Today, Kariboo is a reference book for all parents having to leave their children behind for whatever reason (adoption, migration, asylum, family separation... ). It is used as a tool to help those children understand their new situation. Written using appropriate and comprehensible language and illustrated in powerful and colourful illustrations, Kariboo is presented in a bilingual format to help those families who are experiencing bilingual situations, such as migrations or international adoption processes. Kariboo is a tool to help parents tell their children that they're not abandoning them. Children find themselves reflected on Kariboo and understand that there's hope and room for happiness.